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Who am I?

How well do you really know yourself?
"Who am I?"
You are your VIPS!

You are your VIPS!

You are a very important person.
You are your VIPS!

Values: what you hold as important
Interests: what you enjoy doing
Preferences: how you like to do things
Skills: what you are good at.

Learn your motivations

Why do you do what you do?
Explore your inner motivations and learn how to tap upon the energy of your passions.

Let in new opportunities

We often miss opportunities simply because we just do not let them in.
Will you open new doors to let your new chances come in?

Leverage your potential

How do you fit a square peg in a round hole?
May we each find our ideal place for the fullness of our potential!

Link with others

When was the last time you really connected deeply with someone?
Find new richness in your relationships by sharing insights with one another.

Love our passion

There is a certain enchantment when your dreams come to life. Do you desire to experience more?
Let your passions take you soaring up to greater heights.

Leap to our goals

Dance freely with all your might and pure delight!
Leap forth towards your goals!

Lead our vision

Is your leadership compass pointing in the right way?
May you pioneer new paths towards new dawns of success!

Look beyond ourselves

Are you missing out on important parts of the big picture?
Look out to achieve greater clarity of distance and learn to see your life anew!

Roll out of your box today!

So how do you roll a square?
Use the creative motivational environment of our VIPS Following Leadership framework today!

Are you 100% fully VIPS optimised?


  • Values

    Is your life 100% aligned with your internal values?

  • Interests

    Are your interests 100% matched in your life & career?

  • Preferences

    Are you 100% aware of your preferences’ strengths & limitations?

  • Skills

    Are you maximizing 100% of your skills’ potential?

If you answered no to any of the questions...

You need to enrich your VIPS Success today!

The VIPS Following Leadership® is a coaching for success framework model which is built upon the foundational belief that each individual has their emergent flow of Values, Interests, Preferences & Skills (VIPS).

Your SUCCESS in life depends in large part upon your VIPS!

Find out how you can maximise your VIPS for success today!

5 Powerful Tools to help you find Success in your studies, work and life!

Career Strengths: Values

Take and explore the Career Strengths: Values self-discovery profiling questionnaire to find out more about your work values and emotional quotient scores.

Our values are what drive our actions. These are the principles or beliefs that we hold as important in our lives. Because these are important to us, our values will not only play an important part in our choice of our careers, but will also influence the decisions we make at work as well as how we make them. Your values also give you a deeper purpose to your life.

The Career Strengths: Values profile helps you explore your following work values: Challenge, Expertise, Income, Innovation, Leadership, Learning, Lifestyle, Relationships, Security, Service. The profile also explores your work values of Compliance vs Control, and Teamwork vs Self. Based upon these dimensions, you can explore your strengths as a Follower, Supporter, Leader or Pioneer.

Another important workplace skill is our emotional and social intelligence, or also known as our Emotional Quotient (EQ). Our EQ is an indication of how good we are at understanding ourselves and other people, especially emotions and social interactions. Having high EQ awareness will help us to greatly advance in our career and achieve success in life.

The Career Strengths: Values profile helps you explore your Self and People emotional quotient scores, from which you can explore your strengths as an Emphatic, Intuitive, Introspective or Reserved person.


Career Strengths: Interests & Skills

Take and explore the Career Strengths: Interests & Skills self-discovery profiling report to find out more about your work interests and skills.

Choosing a course or career that is aligned with your Unique Self Potential of your core interests and skills is important to ensure that you will find satisfaction and achieve results in your work. Your interests are the things that you enjoy doing, and your skills are the things that you are good at.

This profile helps you understand your areas of interests using the Holland Codes. The Holland Codes are widely used worldwide to help students understand their areas of interests. This profile also helps you understand your areas of skills using the Multiple Intelligences framework.

Choosing a career that is within your areas of interests and skills is important to ensure that you will find satisfaction from your work. We tend to persevere in what we enjoy doing, even in the difficult times, and as we get better at it, we will begin to enjoy it even more. Moreover, by knowing what you are good at doing, you can choose a career that you can grow in.


DISC Behavioural Preferences

Take and explore the DISC Behavioural Preferences self-discovery profiling questionnaire to find out more about your work values and emotional quotient score.

The DISC behavioural system is a popular personality profiling tool which describes your four categories of behavioural traits of Dominance (D), Inducement (I), Submission (S), and Compliance (C). The profile measures the way you think, feel, and act. These in turn affect your relationships with others.

  • Dominance: This relates to your drive, control, power and assertiveness.
  • Inducement: This relates to your influence in social situations and communication.
  • Submission: This relates to your steadiness, patience, persistence and thoughtfulness.
  • Compliance: This relates to your caution, conscientiousness to structure and organisation.

The DISC system has many uses such as character and leadership development, team building, conflict resolution, sales training, customer service, communication, career coaching, and others. To be effective in our work and relationships, we need to understand different DISC styles and use them according to the situational needs.


Big 5 Personality Preferences

Take and explore the Big 5 Personality Preferences self-discovery profiling report to find out more about your personality preferences.

The Big 5 is often considered as the gold standard in personality profiling, providing such rich information to help you understand more about yourself to help you maximise your strengths and identify areas for personal growth. The Big 5 questionnaire comprises items designed to measure the way you think, feel, and act. These in turn affect your relationships with others. This report covers five broad domains of your personality: Openness, Stability, Extraversion, Agreeableness and Conscientiousness.

Each of the 5 domains comprises a further 6 sub-facets, so in total you will receive a thorough understanding of yourself in 30 different areas!

  • Stability: Contentment, Calmness, Optimism, Confidence, Self-control, Security.
  • Extraversion: Friendliness, Gregariousness, Assertiveness, Activity level, Excitement-seeking, Cheerfulness.
  • Openness: Imagination, Artistic interests, Emotionality, Adventurousness, Intellect, Liberalism.
  • Agreeableness: Trust, Morality, Altruism, Cooperation, Modesty, Empathy.
  • Conscientiousness: Efficiency, Orderliness, Dutifulness, Motivation, Self-discipline, Cautiousness.

The aim of the Big 5 personality assessment is to help you understand yourself and others better in order to build better relationships and foster a greater appreciation of the unique gifts that we each have. Let us learn how we can celebrate our similarities and our differences!


(VACL)2 Thinking & Learning Styles

The (VACL)2 Thinking & Learning Styles questionnaire is designed to measure your thinking and learning preferences using your responses to various scenarios.

Learning is the construction of knowledge from information through thinking. To get the best out of any learning therefore, we need to identify the right tools for the task of knowledge building. Moreover, we need to learn how to use these tools in order to maximise their potential.

Each of us has different innate preferences and skills in terms of our learning and thinking tools. The (VACL)2 Thinking & Learning Styles self-discovery questionnaire will provide you with a measure of your learning styles along the four preferences of Visual (diagrams), Verbal (text), Auditory (sound), and Action (kinaesthetic) learners. It will also help you explore your different thinking styles of Concrete vs. Creative thinkers, and Linear vs. Lateral thinkers.

The trick to mastery of learning is to understand when and how best to apply each style according to the situational needs. The report will provide you with many powerful and practical strategies for effective learning and communication using the different thinking and learning domains.

Some people might have very strong preferences in one domain, while others may be more evenly balanced. There is no one best style to have, nor is there any particular advantage of having any one style. The best way to use the knowledge and understanding of your thinking and learning styles is to equip you with a wide repertoire of available strategies to choose from to match the needs of a situation, while being aware of your strengths and potential weaknesses in using those strategies.


“I have discovered more about myself and certain clues to success. I hope to continue practising and working hard for a life that I should deserve.”

Shannon WongINTI International University

“I learnt more about the type of person I am, and what I should do to make others comfortable.”

Matthew AngNan Chiau High School

“All the information helps me to discover myself. I’m able to know my strengths. Now I’m very sure what I want and what I want to achieve!”

Yap MinINTI International University

“Now I understand more about why certain people act in some ways. I also learnt how to interact better with people of different behavioural styles than mine.”

Abdul RahmanNUS High School of Math & Science

“I feel inspired to read and do lots of research! Thanks for conducting this session. Before this I was really confused over what I was going to be (my career) with my limited skill. But now I have some useful tips to go beyond!”

SabrinaINTI International University

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