Career Strengths: Values Workshop

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Find out more with our Career Strengths: Values workshop

The Career Strengths: Values workshop is delivered by our certified career consultants and covers the following topics. The workshop content is customisable for different target groups.

Workshop outline

What do you want to do in your life?

  • How do these relate to your Values?

Finding the ideal job

  • Case discussions of various employees/jobs/companies from around the world.

What is your main motivation for your career decision making?

  • Exploration of the 10 Career Values
  • Exploration of the 4 Team Styles
  • Exploration of the 2 Emotional Quotients

Career mapping

  • Understanding who is on your team.
  • What to do when there is conflict or ambiguity of roles.
  • How to identify your training needs.

Strategies for career development

  • Preparing for the job interview or career appraisal.
  • Different types of promotions for different career values.
  • Understanding the stages of career progression.




Who is this for?

  • University students planning for their future career
  • Fresh graduates looking for their first job
  • Working employees at any stage of their career
  • Managers/team leaders wanting to get the best out of their team members
  • Individuals looking for a new career
  • Just about anyone who wants to find out how they can orientate themselves with their career values to achieve success!


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Start your journey to success with our Career Strengths: Values training workshop now!


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