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Take and explore the (VACL)2 Thinking & Learning Styles self-discovery profiling questionnaire to find out how you can learn more effectively and communicate better with others.

Why it this important?

The (VACL)2 Thinking & Learning Styles questionnaire is designed to measure your thinking and learning preferences using your responses to various scenarios. Learning is the construction of knowledge from information through thinking. To get the best out of any learning, we need to identify the right tools for the task of knowledge building. Moreover, we need to learn how to use these tools in order to maximise their potential.

The trick to mastery of learning and effective communication is to understand when and how best to apply each style according to the situational needs. The profiling and report will provide you with many powerful and practical strategies for effective learning and communication using the different thinking and learning domains.

Each of us has different innate preferences and skills in terms of our learning and thinking tools. Some people might have very strong preferences in one domain, while others may be more evenly balanced. There is no one best style to have, nor is there any particular advantage of having any one style. The best way to use the knowledge and understanding of your thinking and learning styles is to equip you with a wide repertoire of available strategies to choose from to match the needs of a situation, while being aware of your strengths and potential weaknesses in using those strategies.

Understand your Thinking Styles

The (VACL)2 Thinking & Learning Styles profile will provide you with a measure of your learning styles along the four preferences of Visual, Verbal, Auditory, and Action learners.

  • Visual: preference for visual cues, colours, texture and graphics
  • Verbal: preference for words and text, especially written text
  • Auditory: preference for sound, tone, rhythm and pitch
  • Action: preference for real experience and real examples

Understand your Learning & Communication Styles

The (VACL)2 Thinking & Learning Styles profile will also help you explore your different thinking styles of Concrete vs. Creative thinkers, and Linear vs. Lateral thinkers.

  • Concrete: practical, down-to-earth people, with a preference for the familiar and traditional
  • Creative: imaginative, open-minded, curious to seek out novel ideas and experiences
  • Linear: like to work systematically and methodically through tasks
  • Lateral: tend to be imaginative, open-ended, and keen to explore new concepts

Who is this for?

  • Students wanting to learn and study better
  • Families
  • Sales & customer service persons wanting to communicate better with their clients
  • Teams
  • Managers or team leaders
  • Educators
  • Counsellors
  • Just about anyone who wants to communicate more effectively and build better relationships


  • Online self-completion questionnaire with 48 questions.
  • The questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • Also available as an offline version.

Individual reports

12 page online comprehensive interpretive report available immediately upon completion of the online questionnaire.

  • Your scores in the visual-verbal-auditory-action learning domains
  • Your scores in the concrete-creative thinking domains
  • Your scores in the linear-lateral thinking domains
  • Strategies for maximising your learning and thinking in each of the 8 domains
  • Understanding multi-modality: utilising your strengths in more than 1 domain

Organisation/Group reports

Organisations/schools can request a customised summary of results and analysis for the entire team/students.

Some benefits

  • Students can learn and practice strategies that match their own learning and thinking styles to study more effectively
  • Sales and customer service individuals can communicate more effectively with their clients
  • Managers and team leaders can communicate better with their team members
  • Educators and counsellors can build better relationships through a better understanding in the communication process

Training & Consultancy

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