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Take and explore the Career Strengths: Values self-discovery profiling questionnaire to find out more about your work values and emotional quotient scores.

Why it this important?

Your values are what drive your actions. These are the principles or beliefs that you hold as important in your life. Because these are important to you, your values will not only play an important part in your choice of a career, but will also influence the decisions you make at work, as well as how you make them. Your values give you a deeper purpose to your life.

Meanwhile, your emotional and social intelligence, also known as your Emotional Quotient (EQ), is an indication of how good you are at understanding yourself and other people, especially the emotions and social interactions. Having high EQ awareness will help you to greatly advance in your career and achieve success in life.

Understand your Career Values

The Career Strengths: Values profile helps you explore your following work values: Challenge, Expertise, Income, Innovation, Leadership, Learning, Lifestyle, Relationships, Security, Service.

The Career Strengths: Values profile also explores your work values of Compliance vs Control, and Teamwork vs Self. Based upon these dimensions, you can explore your strengths as a Follower, Supporter, Leader or Pioneer.

Understand your Emotional Quotient

The Career Strengths: Values profile also helps you explore your Self and People emotional quotient scores, from which you can explore your strengths as an Emphatic, Intuitive, Introspective or Reserved person.

Who is this for?

  • University students planning for their future career
  • Fresh graduates looking for their first job
  • Working employees at any stage of their career
  • Managers/team leaders wanting to get the best out of their team members
  • Individuals looking for a new career
  • Just about anyone who wants to find out how they can orientate themselves with their career values to achieve success!


  • Online self-completion questionnaire with 85 questions.
  • The questionnaire will take approximately 20 minutes to complete.
  • Also available as an offline version.

Individual reports

Comprehensive 9 page online interpretive report available immediately upon completion of the online questionnaire.

  • Detailed descriptions of career values and emotional quotients
  • 1 values ranking table
  • 2 values graphs
  • 2 emotional quotient graphs
  • Tips & strategies for finding success with your career values

Organisation/Group reports

Organisations can also request a customised summary of results and analysis for the entire team.

Some benefits

  • Pre-employment candidate testing to find the best fit candidate
  • Understand your company/team culture
  • Employee job appraisal & rewards
  • Career development & training needs assessment
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Team building by understanding your team members better
  • Leadership effectiveness
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